Bio-Life: Q10 Guard Plus 150mg


BiO-LiFE Q10-Guard Plus is a nutritional supplement that provides high strength of Coenzyme Q10 150mg, Vitamin E and Zinc to produce energy in supporting cellular activities and maintain health. Q10 Guard Plus is also added with Zinc and Vitamin E to combat peroxidation, which may beneficial for health. Q10-Guard Plus comes in soy bean oil base gives good absorption due to the lipophilic nature of CoQ10. CoQ10 is vital for energy production. Study showed that CoQ10 help to maximize oxygen consumption, reduce tiredness and reduce muscular injury during intensive physical exercise. Q10-Guard Plus contains high strength of CoQ10 to promote energy production in body cells, especially those physically active. High strength of CoQ10 added with Vitamin E and Zinc also help statin user to replenish key nutrients lost with cholesterol-lowering medication. Study showed that cholesterol-lowering medication such as statin may deplete CoQ10 level 3 in the body.

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